Highlights of Year 2004 & Year 2005

This picture was taken in Snow Valley.

Michael at mom's house before it was sold.

Mom's Jeep, mom and I. I was cold!!

It's me!!

The "Dam" tour. Hoover Dam.

Dinner on my birthday at Summit House.

That was the first time I met my father-in-law and Ellie. We had a good time at the dinner table.

Who took this photo??

Michael, Jennifer and the horse at Steve's house.

Michael's 36-year-old birthday.


Highlights of Year 2005 & Year 2006

Our 2nd Anniversary at La Vie En Rose. Their Souflee is the best! Try it!


At the Go Cart racing in Moreno Valley.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum.

"Behind us is a F-14A Tomcat "Black Aces", U.S. Navy VFA-41.

Mike's birthday in March of 2006. He said he is 18 years old! Do you believe?

In the mountain when it was snowing!

My honey!

On my birthday at Sir Winston's, the Queen Mary's most elegant restaurant.

The grilled salmon was yummy!

That's my honey at Hearst Castle.

It was a beatiful day!

Look at the sky blue. Isn't it beautiful? I took this photo.

Another photo I took with my 35 mm Minolta camera.

Can you tell if this is a sunrise or sunset photo?

I like this photo very much especially the reflection of the ocean.

Refill gas in San Luis Obispo.

The "Vision of the Seas" home port is Los Angeles Harbor.

This photo was taken in Cambria.