This is a formal wedding invitation card in Malaysia.

This picture was taken after the wedding banquet. From left is my youngest sister, Nicole, mom, me, Mike, my younger sister, Lily and my little brother, John. This picture was taken on October 19, 2005.

I was so happy to go home and I was so happy that my family met Mike for the first time. Mike was a little nervous since he had never been to Malaysia. But, he had a good time. We were there about ten days. That was an unforgettable trip and we all enjoyed each other company.  
A traditional picture that we took after the tea ceremony. I supposed to wear bridal gown and Mike supposed to wear tuxedo, but we didn't. We just wanted to make this as simple as possible. The red fabric that is hanging behind us was hung by me and Mike. This is the Chinese tradition - the bride hangs the right corner and the groom hangs the left corner.

The groom and bride.

We went to Cameron Highland where the weather is very different than Ipoh.

classmates from high school.

The cake was yummy!!

My elementary school classmate and her family. She lives in Penang which is about 3 hours from Ipoh, Malaysia.

The VIP table for the groom and bride and family. The banquet has about 350 people and was held at Heritage Hotel in Ipoh.

During the tea ceremony.

My brother and my mother were preparing for the tea ceremony. Since my father passed away, my brother is the only one can light the candles.

My sister Lily.

My sister Nicole.

My brother John.