Joy of Being a Woman

By Yoke-Yin Chong Purcaro

When they are happy, they cry. When they are sad, they cry as well. When you walk into their closet, you will find the closet full of clothing and shoes for different seasons. You might say, “Wow! No need, my dear, to buy clothes for a whole lifetime!” Yet, from the other end of the room, you would hear, “I need to buy some clothes for tonight’s party since I have nothing to wear!"

They always say that they don’t have time to do this or that, but they can chat on the phone for three hours while they are doing their nails. Plus, they can spend the whole day window shopping. After they washed their hair, they could spend at least one hour to make their hair look pretty. Matching the colors of their clothes and their shoes is a must because this is the way they like it.

The majority of them are very talkative, but a small portion can be very quiet especially when disagreement comes along. They might seem unapproachable, sometimes. You never know what they want and what they are thinking about because they keep everything inside their hearts. Gentlemen, does it sound familiar? Yes, because you, gentlemen, have to open the door for them and pull the chair out for them. When they are chatting never ends on the phone, you, gentlemen, will not say a word because you know this is the nature of women, and these are the characteristics of women!

Are women hard to understand? It depends. Once, a friend of mine described me as a glass of wine. People who would like to know me need time to figure out what kind of woman I am. As you taste a wine, you need to sip slowly to determine if the wine is categorized as full body, medium body or light body. In addition, before you can pour the wine into a glass and taste it, it requires time management and energy. Why are time management and skills necessary? For example, when you want to tell a woman that she shouldn’t spend too much money on a purse, I’m sure you don’t want to tell her as she is cooking the family dinner. Since a woman changes her mood just as the weather changes, you really need energy to figure out her ‘temperature’. It’s not that difficult! You can get the answer by just looking at her body language and her face. There is a Chinese saying which implies that fully understanding a woman is just like looking for a needle underneath the ocean. That sounds discouraging, doesn’t it? No, not at all, gentlemen. All you need to do is to take your time, to show your respect, and to try to understand how a woman thinks! Then you will find out the real taste of the wine.

In the past, I’ve never been able to truly experience the joy of being a woman. I used to have very short hair so that I didn’t have to spend an hour to dry my hair like I do now. When I was in school, I only wore T-shirts and jeans. I did not have a purse like other women; instead, I had a back pack. I would never spend three hours on the phone for I couldn’t afford the time to do so. Instead, I would spend the three hours studying or resting. When I was in school, I worked full time as a waitress in a restaurant. As a result, the only thing I could do was study, rest or work. As you can tell, I had lost the joy of being a woman for long time. Now that I don’t have to work in the restaurant and go to school as a full time student, I’ve found my femininity again. Sometimes, I’m surprised that I actually spend an hour to dry my hair, and spend another hour to put on my make up! I’m even more surprised that I actually like matching colors!

Well, ladies, enjoy the gifts that the God has granted us. Be yourself and accept yourself as who you are. It is the inner beauty of a woman that is important, not the outer beauty. There is no need to spend money to change any parts of your body for it would not be real and it would not be the ‘real’ you.

Well, gentlemen, before you ask which kind of woman is good for you or which kind meets your requirements, you need to ask yourself, “Who am I and what am I looking for?” If you are looking for someone to share your whole life, then, you need patience to truly understand the woman you love. On the contrary, if you just want to be with somebody, or if you just want to hang out or chat with someone, a long term relationship may not be for you.