ďYes, I do!Ē

By Yoke-Yin Chong Purcaro 

Before I met my husband, I thought I would spend the rest of my life alone. For years, I tried to find someone who had something in common with me so that we could get along together and, for years, I thought I wanted to be married to someone who knew exactly what I wanted without me telling him. Yet, today, Iíve married someone who has little in common with me, and someone who doesnít know what I want until I tell him.  

What do we have in common? Not much! He likes science fiction movies, but I like horror movies. He doesnít care about seafood, but Iím a seafood lover. He loves cats, but I donít care about cats at all. So, what brings us together? The honesty!! Even though we are very different from each other, we still can spend three hours on a topic on which we have totally different opinions. I remember the first time we met; we spent about four hours in a restaurant. We talked about our routines, our families, our plans of life, and our perspectives on life. Basically, we talked a lot about our future. I still canít believe we talked about this on our first date.  

I enjoy talking with my husband because he is a good listener, and I also enjoy listening to his different points of view on the topics we discuss. After being with my husband, I finally realized that itís interesting and challenging to live with someone who doesnít necessarily agree with you all the time. Itís interesting because we learn something new from each other, and itís challenging because we try to convince each other to accept our own thoughts. When disagreement comes along, we always try to work it out and look for the best solutions for each other.  

My husband is not a very romantic person or someone who would say ďI love youĒ every day. However, he is the one who would call me when Iím late coming home. He is the one who would remind me about a doctorís appointment, and he is the one who would worry if Iím warm enough during the winter.  My husband is not a rich person who could afford a big diamond ring for me, but he promised he would get me the one I like some days.  

Despite the lack of a degree, it was because of his intelligence, hard work, and strong analytical skills that my husband was hired as a system engineer by a well known company.  When my car has problems, my husband will fix it for me. In our house, he is the one who puts in a brand new air filter for the AC, puts in new water filter system, and of course, he is the one who set up a server for our website. To me, he is a smart guy. At least we save some money on fixing and repair things.  

When I was asked why I married him, a guy who has different culture and language than me, I would say because we get along well. The most important thing is we are being ourselves and have no pretentious at all. So, when I was asked during the ceremony if I would take him as my lawfully wedded husband, I had no problem saying ďI doĒ, of course!