Text Box: Place of Birth: Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Schools Attended: Pei Ying Elementary School, Perak Girls' Secondary School, Santa Ana College, California State University, Fullerton.
Education: Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration.
Hobbies: Traveling, Reading, Writing, Watching TV, and Collecting Stock Certificates.
Religion: Spiritual
Favorite Books: Chinese Cinderella, The Walden Pond, <家>, <茶馆>.
Favorite Music: Classical and soft rocks.
Places I have been: Singapore, Taiwan, Italy, Germany, Arizona, Yosemite, Big Bear...


Yes, this is my book! Many of you probably don’t know that I like writing and reading. But, if you know me from high school, you will most likely remember that I used to write a lot!  Even now, I still like to write. 

Before I reached the age of 30, I wanted to do something special to celebrate my 30th birthday – I wanted to publish my own book. I wanted to compile all the articles that I had written and published in the Chinese newspaper and put it in a book. So, I called my friends and asked them if they would like to join me in this project since some of them like writing as well. The first question they asked me was, “Who is going to pay for the publishing and the copyrighting?” What a good question! Yes, who was going to pay all these expenses? Moreover, who was going to edit our articles? With all these concerns, I finally gave up this dream that I had had for a long time.  

Writing is a way to express my thoughts and feelings that I didn’t have a chance to express or that I was not allowed to express earlier in my life.  My website is the only place that I dare to show my feelings, my thoughts and my point of view. You don’t have to agree with me, but you are more than welcome to give me your comments. It’s not that difficult to see that my writing doesn’t have a lot of structure. I still remember when I was in college, my English professor wanted to see an introduction first, followed by a thesis, body, and, finally, the conclusion. 

I’m a simple person who likes to pursue her dream as other people do. After I turned 30, the urge to pursue my dream was not as strong as before. All of a sudden, I feel like I’m old. I used to stay up late until one or two in the morning. But, now, I go to bed at nine and have lost interest in going out with friends. I realize that when my age changes, my hobbies change. In the “olden days”, I wouldn’t even consider culinary and floral classes. But now, I’m thinking about taking a flower arrangement class. How strange and surprising! Even I, myself, can’t believe I would want to take those classes. Tonight, I find myself sitting at the computer writing the “Preface” of my “book”. I feel happy and fulfilled.  

The older I get, the more I treasure every moment of my life. I treasure the relationship between me and my family, and I treasure the friendships I’ve built with others. At one time of my life, I didn’t realize that life is always beautiful. It’s just the matter of at which angle you see it. Do you agree with me? When I reread the diary I wrote many years ago, I can see the many different stages in my life. I had been weak and I had been fallen down in the past. But, I stood up again. Then, I fell again. From the diary I wrote, I still can see my tears when I was writing it at night. Then, I learned how to accept destiny. Since then, I changed the angle at which I viewed life.  I hope you enjoy all the words that I write here on my website and please drop me a line after you read them and share your opinions with me. Thank you!


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